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During the consultation, the dentist examines the condition of the mouth, teeth and gums (visually and panoramic x-ray) and suggests various treatment plans if this is necessary. Before the definition of any treatment plan general health of the patient (chronic diseases, allergies etc.) must also be consider.

Panoramic X-Ray Diagnosis

The panoramic x-ray is a two-dimensional scanning of the upper and lower jaws. In Yakubiv dental clinic we use the most advanced and patient friendly panoramic X-Ray system. With the help of the panoramic diagnosis, our doctors can choose the best treatment plan for each patient, or give information about the oral condition in general.

Oral Hygiene

Professional teeth cleaning by the dentist should be held at least once every 6 months. This is the procedure for the removal of mineralized plaque from teeth surface. Professional cleaning includes teeth scaling and teeth polishing. Our administrators will give you a reminder call every 6 month for a professional cleaning appointment!

General Dentistry

Everyone will be faced with a dental condition at some point in their life. The most common cause leading patients to the dentist is tooth pain, caused by dental decay, and it’s frequent complication- pulpitis: inflammation of the pulp of the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic therapy is the usual treatment for pulpitis (infected pulp of the tooth). This is a routine procedure it’s done under local anesthesia, and it’s completely painless.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Missing or bad condition teeth can be easily replaced with dental crowns or bridges. In Yakubiv dental clinic we use the most advance technology (CAD/CAM) and the best materials (zirconia, ceramic) for this purpose. Easy, fast and highly esthetic.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile. A smile makeover! Gain back your lost self-confidence with a brilliant smile!

Pediatric Dentistry

Baby teeth are as important as adult teeth! Parents must bring their kids for a checkup every 6 months. We believe early dental care can promote a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child.

Teeth Whitening

Bright white smile means a fresh breath, a successful career and personal fulfillment. The key is the unique Zoom system! Yakubiv Dental Clinic will help you gain a beautiful bright white smile that will make everyone admire you in just 1 hour. Fast and easy!

Dental Implants

Placing dental implants now days has become a routine procedure and is one of the best methods for regaining missing teeth. Our experienced dentists can give you the best result and bring back the lost functions and smile.

Periodontal Care

Periodontal care is very usual now days. Gum bleeding, inflammation, teeth plaque are the first symptoms that a person must be aware of. Our experienced doctors will make a full evaluation of your periodontal status.


Full or partial dentures can replace edentulous jaws (jaws with missing teeth) economical and in no time. Every person, no matter of his age must have teeth.


Teeth grinding is a common problem which may cause tooth wear, damage or break teeth and dental restoration such as crowns and fillings.


Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders of the face and mouth caused by crooked, crowded or prominent teeth or jaws that do not fit together harmoniously.


The Invisalign treatment consists of a series of invisible, removable aligners which change every two weeks. Each aligner is made individually for each case. While we change aligners, teeth move gradually, week by week, until it straightened to the final position adopted by your dentist.

Store a Tooth

Aiming to provide a systematic and comprehensive care, Yakubiv Dental Clinic exclusively works with stem cells storage banks. Similar to stem cells from umbilical cord blood, dental stem cells have the potential to be used in many medical applications. Stem cells will change medicine as we now it. Our clinic is the only Dental Clinic in Cyprus which offers this possibility.

Face Controuring

With ‘’no surgery’’ cosmetic treatments you can look younger in no time. High efficiency and low traumatic effect, injections are the most popular beauty manipulation. The medication safety is proved by a great number of researches and long-term application worldwide.

Beauty Treatments

With ‘’no surgery’’ cosmetic treatments you can look younger in no time. High efficiency and low traumatic effect, injections are the most popular beauty manipulation. The medication safety is proved by a great number of researches and long-term application worldwide.

Clinical Dietitian

Nutrition conseling, sport nutrition, lose weight or gain weight, Special Diets and many more. For each situation we offer a different plan.

Dental & Beauty Accessories

Daily oral hygiene at home tips: Brush your teeth twice a day, use a mouthwash, floss or waterfloss. Our dentist will give you advices for oral care products which suits you more.

Ανάπλαση Προσώπου

Η βουτολική τοξίνη (Botox) είναι μια φυσική επεξεργασμένη πρωτεΐνη, που σε πολύ μικρές δόσεις δρα στο μυ, με αποτέλεσμα την αναστολή μετάδοσης νευρικού ερεθίσματος, ώστε ο μυς να μην κάνει συσπάσεις.