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Prosthetic Dentistry

Missing or damaged teeth, can be easily replaced with dental crowns or bridges. In our clinic for this purpose we use the CEREC CAD/CAM system, the most innovate technology dentistry has to show!. After preparation we scan the tooth or the model with a special camera. Then we design the new restoration on the computer. At last a milling machine (3D printer) creates the new restoration in 12- 15 minutes. The whole process takes 45-60 minutes. CEREC technology saves time for both patient and dentist. Normally in a dental lab these restorations need 7-10 working days to complete! With CEREC we can create an all-ceramic crown in 1 hour, or even a full mouth restoration in 2-3 days !!! This is really amazing!

We work with the best materials, zirconia and ceramic. We don’t use metal at all! We are the only clinic that gives full, nomatter what, lifetime guarantee in our restorations !

We give you the ability quickly and without pain to get the perfect smile that you always wanted. Follow the example of our patients who recommend us to their relatives and friends.
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