Smile Designer

You are very important to us and we want to make sure
you feel like a special guest not just a patient.
Dr. Fedya Yakubiv
Dental Prosthodontist

The real art is not to create just beautiful teeth, but to create a smile that enhances the features of the face, keeping a beautiful balance in size, color, proportion and angulations of the teeth. These are the factors that not only make a smile unique but actually add longevity to teeth by strengthening the surface of teeth that are continuously exposed to wear, extreme chewing forces and saliva moisture.

For me, this clinic means passion, love and dedication on our main goal – to make people feel special, because I believe that everyone is unique and deserve the best! Our main priority is to help people maintain their health and beauty, restore their confidence and dignity.
And what motivates me more? The feeling that by giving a smile back, I give the patients life back. That is very important for me. I feel blessed that my job gives me the opportunity to do something to change someone’s life – my patients life. It’s really amazing! That’s us, and this is what we do …

My name is Fedya Yakubiv,
Im a dentist- prosthodontist, and the owner of this unique place, this unique project!

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