Let the Led
lightening do the job!

A proven whitening solution for deep stains

Zoom Whitening System

The Philips Zoom Light-Activated Whitening System

Philips Zoom is the no.1 requested professional whitening treatment. It uses light activated technology for better teeth whitening results. Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes, our LED technology is 40% more effective than non-light activated systems.
Philips Zoom is only available at a dentist’s office to ensure optimum safety and comes in different treatment types and strengths to fit your lifestyle and sensitivity.

With Philips Zoom, your teeth will be visibly whiter in one day. You can achieve up to eight shades whiter in 45 minutes.
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Your results will depend on your natural teeth color, the level of staining and which Philips Zoom treatment your dental professional recommends. Dental professionals measure the change in your teeth color in “shades.” For most people, even a change of two or three shades will make a noticeable difference.