Stop teeth grinding today!

Stop teeth grinding today!


Teeth grinding (bruxism), is the excessive grinding of the teeth and/or excessive clenching of the jaw. The main effects of bruxism are fracture or tooth loss, abrasion of tooth enamel by revelation gradually dentin (inside of the tooth), pain in the temporomandibular joint, headaches, pain of ears, pain in the face, deviation of the jaw, hypersensitivity of teeth. There are two main types of bruxism, the one which occurs during sleep (sleep bruxism) and the other that occurs during wakefulness (awake bruxism). Dental damage may be similar in both types.
The main causes of bruxism are:
  • Psychological aspects. The intense anxiety, mental load, the uptight and the overall personality of the person who probably characterized by anxiety or aggressive elements
  • Odontogenic problems
  • Poor closure of the jaws, lack of teeth, misaligned teeth, defects from preceding dental work
  • Trauma in the temporomandibular joint or jaw muscle
  • In children, bruxism may be the answer to the pain of another body area event (eg earache, sore throat). It can also, as adults, manifested as a reaction to intense stress and psychological pressure. Moreover, it is considered that the hyperactive children may exhibit a greater percentage bruxism or teeth clenching jaws.

During dental check in Yakubiv Dental Clinic, we always check for signs of bruxism. This is usually confirmed by the presence of flattened cusps of the teeth. Taking into account all possible causes, we decide which kind of treatment is the most ideal for each case. The treatment plan depends on many factors including the extent of disease, age, patient’s personal history, expectations.

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