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Dysport® is an injectable form of Botulinum Toxin Type A approved by the FDA.
Dysport is carefully injected into specific areas of face such as the forehead and frown lines.
Upon injection, the muscles are “paralyzed”, rendering new wrinkle formation in the treated areas impossible.
How is Dysport different? Some reports have shown that Dysport works faster, an average of 2 days.
Studies have also shown that Dysport may last longer- 6 months to a full year in some cases.


Why do 97% of Dysport users say they’d use it again?1 The results speak for themselves.
Look through our gallery to see how Dysport has smoothed moderate to severe frown lines for men and women.


Instead of making you feel like your face is frozen,
Dysport temporarily treats the facial muscles in just the
area you want — between the eyebrows — and allows the
muscles in the untreated areas of your face to move normally.
Delight, surprise, shock, concern — you can still show your
natural facial expressions when treating moderate to severe
frown lines with DysportAnd that’s certainly something to smile about.




Teosyal® is a full range of injectable dermal fillers made of non-animal origin and biodegradable hyaluronic acid.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural skin component. It acts like a sponge and retains large quantities of water to keep the skin plumped and soft. In te fillers syringes, HA comes in the form of a gel.

Your pre-treatment consultation with the practitioner who will be carrying out the hyaluronic acid injection is very important
Take your time and discuss :
1) Your needs and expectations
2) Treatment options and related products
3) Your medical history
The practitioner uses a pre-filled sterile filler syringe and a fine needle (or a cannula). The depth of the injection depends on the type of hyaluronic acid gel and the desired results.

The practitioner uses a pre-filled sterile filler syringe and a fine needle (or a cannula). The depth of the injection depends on the type of hyaluronic acid gel and the desired results.

Superficial injections efficiently hydrate the skin and revive its glow.

Deeper injections fill wrinkles and create volume.

In order to optimize your comfort during the injection sessions, Teoxane created the Teosyal® PureSense line with integrated anesthetic (lidocaine).

After injecting the hyaluronic acid, the practitioner gently massages the injected area to mold the product. The injection session lasts around 20 minutes.
The results can usually be seen immediately.

The hyaluronic acid diffuses through your skin.
On the surface, it increases the skin’s hydration, softness and suppleness.

On a deeper level, it fills the gaps between cells, smoothes the wrinkles and recreates lost volumes.

Depending on your skin type, you may experience some temporary bruising and/or swelling that are confined to the treated area.

Several months after the injection, hyaluronic acid naturally degrades and resorbs like any natural skin component.

Why choose our products?

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals’ skincare line has the same crossed-linked hyaluronic acid used in our dermal-filler injections. More than the recognized properties of traditional Hyaluronic Acid, our patented RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acid®  forms a mesh on the application zone that permits active ingredients to gradually be released.

Balancing the codes of premium skincare with the rigor of medical science, Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is an innovative skincare line perfectly adapted and complementary to advanced esthetic procedures.

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