Tips for a Photogenic Smile

Personal photos are a very popular source that many persons utilize to archive their most memorable life events.
A great photo with family or friends can invoke very pleasant memories, and it is only natural for people want to present their best possible smile during heartfelt captured moments. Below are a few tips to help make all of your personal photos “picture perfect.”

Think Pleasant Thoughts

Think about something pleasant, such as a fond memory, favorite moment or sentimental gesture to help you portray a genuine smile. Real thoughts of happiness go a long way towards final result photos with natural facial expressions.

Slightly Tilt Your Head

A person’s smile is often most attractive when he or she looks slightly off camera. Discover which angle best accentuates your smile by simply looking at past photos of yourself.

Relax and Keep It Simple

Be relaxed and comfortable with good posture can dramatically improve your appearance. A great way to appear relaxed is to think of something that genuinely makes you smile just before your photo is snapped.

Choose the Right Clothing

The style and color of your apparel, along with your overall confidence, can greatly impact your photogenic appeal. Wear complimentary clothes that suit you well, with solid and neutral colors that compliment your hair and skin tone.

Embrace What Makes You Unique

Confidence in your appearance can greatly enhance your photos. Instead of trying to hide any perceived imperfections, try to embrace them as doing so will greatly boost the uniqueness and quality of your photos.

Remember, your smile is unique – and best of all – all yours! Use these tips to show off your very best and beautiful smile, and enjoy your photographic memories for years to follow!

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