Some Interesting Facts About Dreams

The most common dream for people to have is that of Teeth Falling Out

In Jungian analytical psychology, this type of dream is seen as a sign of renewal and rebirth. Women who are experiencing menopause frequently have them. Listed below are some additional interpretations and meanings that teeth dreams may represent.

  1. Fear of getting older
  2. Deterioration of looks
  3. Lack of self-confidence
  4. Lack of control in your relationships
  5. Fear of job loss
  6. Worries and anxieties in waking life
  7. Pulled into something you do not want or wish to do
  8. Fear of embarrassment or making a fool of yourself
  9. Fear of how people perceive you
  10. Giving in to an unfair deal
  11. Sexual dysfunction
  12. Fear of abandonment or a break up in a relationship

These dreams may be an indicator of situations going on in our lives that we are powerless over. However, we can take positive steps to make the appropriate adjustments and changes to our current circumstances.

Don’t fret too much over teeth dreams, they might just be triggered by a simple toothache!

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