Pumpkin and Your Dental Health

Pumpkin can actually be really great for your oral health

So how does this relate to dental? As we’ve mentioned before, what affects your overall health often affects your oral health, and vice versa. However, with pumpkin in particular, and the many products we’ve talked about, there is something to be said about how these treats directly affect your dental health.

Pumpkin can actually be really great for your oral health, when not weighed down with additional sugar. A few health benefits include:

  1. Healing of the Mouth – The zinc found in pumpkin can heal wounds inside your mouth, from damaged tissues to bleeding gums.
  2. Increase Saliva – The Vitamin A we mentioned earlier also improves saliva flow, which is important for washing away bacteria from the mouth.
  3. Better Immune System –  Vitamin C found in pumpkin can help you maintain a healthy immune system so you can fight infections.
  4. Strong Enamel – You’ll have stronger enamel thanks to pumpkin’s magnesium and calcium.
  5. Fiber – Also mentioned earlier, pumpkin has a lot of fiber. Not only is fiber good for your overall health, but it also stimulates saliva flow, which, as we’ve already mentioned, protects against tooth decay by washing away bacteria.

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