The best non-surgical treatment to boost skin restructuring, reduce cutaneous laxity and excessive fat.

Endolift is a minimally invasive interstitial laser lifting treatment applied at a wavelength of 1470 nm through microfibers as thin as hair that can “enter” under the skin without incisions and be pushed by the selective lipolytic and photobiomodulating energy. While passing through the dermis, these microfibers act like an intradermal light path and transmit radiating near infrared energy in order to: ⠀

✔️immediately induce a lipolysis reaction

✔️correct mild sagging on the face, neck, arms

✔️activate new collagen formation

✔️activate the metabolic functions of the
extracellular matrix ⠀

✔️increase the heat and stimulate vascularization

✔️reduce the lymph and adipose tissue

✔️contour and tighten the skin ⠀

What does it do?

Drastic interventions such as surgical lifting, where the skin is cut and tightened are now no longer needed for small areas of sagging on the face, chin, neck, and for bags under the eyes. With Eufoton’s innovative 1470 nm diode lasers combined with a non-invasive method, the “sagging” of the facial regions due to the mild accumulation of fat that weighs down on the facial features can now be relieved in a simple, inexpensive and fast way. It is a completely outpatient procedure and only requires local anaesthesia in exceptional cases or upon the patient’s specific request.

How does it work?

The solution to imperfections caused by photoaging and chronoaging is the new Endolift method, which works from the inside out, thanks to the laser’s selective photothermic effect and an optical microfiber, which penetrates below the skin without any incisions.
The most widely used instrument is the Eufoton laser with a wavelength of 1470 nm (LASEmaR® 1500), certified and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of localized adipose tissue deposits.

Endolift is completely an outpatient procedure that is without anaesthesia/sedation or incisions/cuts. The subcutaneous introduction of an optical microfiber with a diameter of 200 or 300 microns (thickness of a thread) is sufficient to achieve the expected result without the use of metal cannulas, which are instead used for treating larger areas (laser lipolysis). ⠀

What are the effects?

The selective heat transmitted from the laser, “engine of the method”, to the optical microfibre and consequently to the subcutaneous tissue, causes: ⠀

✔️The emulsifying of the accumulations of localized fat (lipoemulsion) ⠀
✔️Immediate skin tightening of the treated area ⠀
✔️Medium to long-term tissue toning thanks to the synthesis of new collagen. In short, the treated area continues to redefine and improve its texture, even months after the treatment.

What are the advantages?

1️ No incisions

2️ Safety of the treatment

3️ Just one session

4️ Minimal or no post-operative recovery time

5️ Treatment without anaesthesia

6️ Low prices (the price is much less than a lifting procedure)

Which areas can be treated?

Endolift can be used to make a subcutaneous or deep dermal grid pattern that stimulates the tissues and creates temporary fibrous retraction lines, which encourages tissue remodelling and photobiomodulation of connective tissue.
Endolift is particularly interesting for the non-surgical minimally invasive treatment of sagging skin of the lower eyelids, double chin, jaw line, bumps, peribuccal areas and cheeks.
To further improve the skin tightening Endolift can be combined with a non-ablative fractional laser in the same session, thus creating a “sandwich” approach.
Endolift has no contraindications, and can therefore be used in combination with other cosmetic treatments (i.e. fillers, peeling, focused ultrasounds, absorbable traction sutures). ⠀

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