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Everyone, at some point in their life, will face with a dental condition. The most common cause leading patients to the dentist is the dental decay, and the most frequent complication is the pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp of the tooth). In YAKUBIV Dental Clinic we have all the necessary equipment to provide high quality dental care. Immediately and without pain! Each treatment at our clinic guarantees the most comfortable conditions and professional approach to the patient. That is why our patients always leave the clinic with a smile and a good mood!
Dental decay is the most usual dental problem, while according to studies affects approximately 97% of the human population. It’s a disease caused by bacteria found in the oral cavity. These bacteria create acids causing corrosion of the surface of teeth a situation that soon leads to dental decay. It is visible in its initial stage as a white spot. If not treated in early stage, bacteria can go in deeper layers of the tooth (dentin) and cause more damage. Regular visits to a dentist for professional cleaning and examination can prevent this situation promptly.

The decay in its early stage developed asymptomatic. By going in deeper layers, the patient initially begins to feel sensitivity and pain in the icy and warm or even when chewing .The lack of treatment of caries in different stages, can cause pulpitis (inflammation of the pulp). This condition is usually accompanied by severe pain. The bacteria from the mouth can enter the tooth and cause infection (known as abscess) at the edge of the tooth . These situations are treated by removing the pulp of the tooth (root canal treatment).
We recommend you to treat any dental disease at the beginning, and be meticulous in your oral hygiene, watch your diet (e.g. try to avoid consuming many sweets) and frequently visit your dentist.

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